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Rules and Instructions


Works can include drawings, paintings, digital art, sculpture, and installation art – anything that can be photographed or otherwise imaged and reproduced on paper.


9 Best of Show Awards (artwork will be represented in a permanent installation), 27 First Prizes ($500 each), 73 Second Prizes ($100 each). Cash value of all prizes is $20,800 USD. Each participating artist will receive a thank-you letter identifying their submissions. Each Best of Show work will be represented by a permanent panel on the Whistle Stop Gallery – State Street Station’s exterior. All accepted works will be permanently archived in portfolios and available for viewing at the Whistle Stop Gallery – State Street Station. Images of the prize-winning works will also be available in an e-portfolio on the Whistle Stop Gallery website. More awards may be given at the Whistle Stop Gallery’s discretion. Joseph A. Langley will choose 100 of the works. A panel of 3 jurors will choose the 27 First Prize works from those, and Joseph A. Langley will choose the Best of Show works from the First Prize works. Selection criteria may include but is not limited to) originality, subject, and ability to be well-represented in outdoor building materials (i.e. metal, stone, glass, tile, etc.).



1200 works will be accepted. Notifications are provided by e-mail address only. Each work must have its own Entry Number and Submission Document.


$50 (USD) per artwork. A separate Entry Number will be assigned for each $50 entry purchase. Entry Number purchases are not refundable.


Please send three (3) duplicates of your work. You can send a good copy, a print, or a photo – as long as what you're sending is flat. If you're submitting a dimensional or installation work, it must be photographed and sent as a print or photo. PLEASE DO NOT FOLD YOUR ARTWORK IMAGES! The image of your work must be 8.5 x 11 inches or smaller (you can use the A4 standard instead, if you wish). The work does not have to fill the sheet, and the sheet can be smaller – just be sure it's not bigger than 8.5 x11 letter/A4. Remember, the Whistle Stop Gallery will be keeping what you send – make sure you can part with what you send us because it will be placed in one of the portfolios (if you followed the rules). The Best of Show works will be represented by panels about one foot tall by two feet wide on the façade of the Whistle Stop Gallery – State Street Station. More of your work would show if it is close to that shape.


Read the general rules and instructions found here. Also review the policies and terms. Then visit whistlestop-gallery.com/project/1938/. Here you will be able to purchase an Entry Number or Numbers via PayPal, until none remain. After your payment has been received the Whistle Stop Gallery will send you an e-mail with your Entry Number(s) and the Submission Document. You must complete a separate Submission Document for every work you're submitting. You will need to provide the e-mail address you used for payment, the transaction/receipt ID (it will be 17 letters and numbers), and the date of payment so the Whistle Stop Gallery can verify your Entry Number. The deadline to submit your work is 16 weeks from the date you receive your Entry Number(s). Submissions must be postmarked by that deadline. You must provide a mailing address and email address on the documents you send back to us.

Entry Number Purchase

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