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Hello there!

My name is Joseph A. Langley, artist and Proprietor of the Whistle Stop Gallery.

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Welcome to the Whistle Stop Gallery. I'm glad you stopped by!

I’m Joseph A. Langley. You can call me Joseph or Mr. Langley.

I am an accomplished artist and Proprietor of the Whistle Stop Gallery. I also own and operate Jo Allen Publishing, LLC, which has produced one book to date (66: Impressions and Reflections). (Yes, I know, Jo Allen Publishing, LLC is behind. I'm working on it.) Most recently, I exhibited two works in the Edwardsville Arts Center’s Plein Air Painting at the Watershed Nature Center – one was chosen to represent the month of December in the 2017 calendar. Before that, I received Special Recognition for all five of my submissions to the Upstream People Gallery’s 2015 Exposition of Awarded Artwork WWW International. You can see a changing representation of my work at Jerry’s Cafeteria in Granite City, Illinois. Southwestern Illinois College purchased four of my photographs. A local franchise owner commissioned 13 paintings for display in Culver’s of Edwardsville, IL. My artwork can be found in numerous private collections, and has received recognition many times.

From a very young age I was fascinated with architecture, which has evolved into a focus on structure in both natural and man-made subjects. I have also developed an involvement in upcycled and recycled art and art objects. I have come to realize that art is best when presented in a way that’s accessible, and that the division between “fine art” and “everything else” is a harmful separation created and upheld by the artists themselves.

“Art is limited only by our own thoughts.”
“Art is a window to the past, present, and future.”
“Art is a point of light in the vast emptiness of existence.”
“Art is intellectual sarcasm.”
“Art is a streak of light in the night sky.”
“Art is a ripple in a birdbath on a rainy day.”
- Joseph A. Langley, 2 month progression, from the Whistle Stop Gallery’s Quoted Project

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