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Welcome to “Art of Lists”, a John Nieman exhibition.

This is a collection selected from a series Mr. John Nieman aptly calls “Visual Riddles.”

“On each piece, I start with a theme that is described with a litany of famous (and not so famous) names, or short thoughts. Over this, I paint a large, anchoring visual that captures the idea. The result is a work of art that has immediate impact, and a residual tickle.”
-John Nieman

John Nieman Bio and Curriculum Vitae
Artist Statement for “Visual Riddles”
Exhibition Statement

In One Basket by John Nieman
In One Basket

Lifesavers by John Nieman

Outstanding Kisses by John Nieman
Outstanding Kisses

Let's just call them small by John Nieman
Let's just call them small

M&M's by John Nieman

Cool Pops by John Nieman
Cool Pops

P's, P's, peas by John Nieman
P's, P's, Peas

Classic Cases by John Nieman
Classic Cases

Combos by John Nieman

Twinks by John Nieman

Flakes by John Nieman

The Chunkies by John Nieman
The Chunkies

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