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How can I ship to a P.O. Box?

Mail can be sent by the U.S.P.S. within the U.S., and international mail can usually be sent by a national or governmental post or letter service. Ask your local post or mail facility if you are unsure. Parcel services typically do not deliver to P.O. boxes. Usually the items that you would need to mail are in envelopes. Submissions, entries, and related documents are expected to be sent to our P.O. Box. If you need another way to arrange delivery of something, please contact the Whistle Stop Gallery.

I sent something and it was returned! What should I do?

Please check the address carefully. If it appears to be correct, please contact us. Hint: to help prevent mistakes in addresses, feel free to cut the mailing address out of any document and attach it, if your mail or post service allows.

How should I send return postage?

The Whistle Stop Gallery pays to return all the items we specifically say we will. You can of course choose not to have any material returned.


Is there an age limit?

If there is one, it will be on the submission documents. Generally, the Whistle Stop Gallery requires you to be of the age of majority. In short, it means that you don't need a parent or guardian to sign documents and agree to terms for you. In the U.S.A. it's usually between age 18 and 21, depending on your home state.

Is there a size limit for artwork?

If there is one, it will be on the submission documents.

What kind of artwork do you accept?

We don't accept moving images or video files for the web Shows. Each Show, Project, Gallery, and Proposal will specify what is and is not acceptable. If you aren't sure, just ask!

My artwork was rejected because of its content. What do I do?

The Whistle Stop Gallery decisions are final in this matter. You should not have this problem. We will tell you why the work has been rejected. Please don't send nude or suggestive art (meaning almost nude, or suggestive of a lewd act). We may reject excessively violent works as well.

Why do you reject works because of content?

There are several reasons. One is that Joseph A. Langley personally believes nudes are overdone in the art world, and he hates to see work accepted simply because it is nude. Another is that there is no way to control access to the content. It is not the Whistle Stop Gallery's place to decide if the piece is art, but neither can we be responsible for minors seeing content they shouldn't. Since the Whistle Stop Gallery promotes art for everyone, we feel it is better to avoid potential problems by not displaying this type of content.

Why can't I submit online?

We would like to do so, but we have several reasons why we can't right now.


Have a question? Just ask!


I'd like to buy something. How do I do that?

Anything the Whistle Stop Gallery is selling will be very clearly labeled. You can certainly contact the artist directly if you would like to purchase their work.

How do I negotiate a price?

The Whistle Stop Gallery does not negotiate prices. We also encourage artists to choose a price that is fair and simply ask for that, rather than trying to negotiate. If you do end up negotiating a price, we recommend being as honest as possible, and considering if an offer or counteroffer is fair to both parties before making it.

Why is art so widely priced?

Artists, galleries, and others choose prices for many different reasons. There is no one price guide for art – it's impossible to do that.

Payments made to the Whistle Stop Gallery

I submitted something, and paid a fee. Can I decide I didn't want to, and get my fees back?

No. We have already spent time and money on your submission. You may withdraw your work, but we would encourage you not to do so, if at all possible.

If my work is rejected due to content, can I get my fees back?

No. We are not excessively harsh in rejecting due to content. It still costs us money to review your submission.

Can I reduce my fees by not asking for materials to be returned?

No. Our fees are significantly lower than most exhibition spaces, and many times only cover a portion of our costs.

I sold something because someone saw my work on the Whistle Stop Gallery web site. Is there a commission I need to pay?

Congratulations! The Whistle Stop Gallery never asks for a commission from artists who sold the work themselves, even if the purchaser found your work through us.

How can I pay for something?

U.S. Checks, Money Orders, and payment methods available via Paypal are all possible. Not all payment methods will be available for all Whistle Stop Gallery activities.

I live outside the United States. Can I pay by personal check?

No. We cannot accept international checks.

Can I pay by credit card?

You can pay with your credit card via Paypal when it is either 1) offered on this site or 2) requested by invoice.

Can I pay in cash?

Do not mail cash under any circumstances.

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