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master artists acknowledged

The Whistle Stop Gallery would like to recognize these artists as living masters.

Robert Hilger (2018)

Chicago, IL, USA

If I had to pick one word to represent Mr. Hilger's artistic persona, that's what I'd choose. Granted, many artists are enthusiastic about art, but Mr. Hilger has a unique brand of art enthusiasm. His mastery of the pen, pencil, and like instruments makes the opportunity to see his work a most enjoyable experience. His work must come to life, must be appreciated, must be enjoyed, because Mr. Hilger wants it to be so, wills it to be so, requires it to be so.
Joseph A. Langley, Proprietor, Whistle Stop Gallery

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The Whistle Stop Gallery first appeared as an online venue, with our inaugural show first being presented on a previous version of this website. The Gallery intends to continue presenting web Shows.

State Street Station

The Whistle Stop Gallery's first (and only) physical location is located in Granite City, Illinois and contains a variety of spaces for art and other exhibits. The State Street Station is open as scheduling allows.

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