The Whistle Stop Gallery invites you to participate in our 1938 Project.

I see you're interested in submitting your work!

We welcome your family-friendly art. Thanks for sharing it with us. Before you submit, please read the General Rules and Instructions that follow on this page. The Whistle Stop Gallery really tries to make these documents as short and painless as possible, while still covering what you need to know. Don't forget to check out our policies and terms.

Have fun, make art, and show without the hassle!™


Since we don't have a show for you to submit work to, enjoy the work we have on display. Visit the Show Directory!


The Galleries are a work in progress. We will have one posted soon.

Submission Information for Galleries

Please be sure you read the General Rules and Instructions first.

The Whistle Stop Gallery charges no fee for submission or participation in the Galleries on our website.

Please be aware that this is a highly selective process – each work is reviewed individually. Do not be discouraged if your work is not chosen for display in a particular Gallery. You may submit as many or as few works for consideration as you would like, but the Whistle Stop Gallery will accept and display a maximum of one per artist, per Gallery.

Do not submit work clearly outside the scope of the Gallery you indicate on the submission form. If you are unsure, do your research before submitting. Submissions to the Galleries have writing requirements as well. Submissions that do not contain all of the requirements will not be considered. Your submission itself will not be returned – please do not send original work. Your initial submission must be in paper form.

If your work is accepted for consideration, the Whistle Stop Gallery will request a high-quality digital image of your work – it will need to be a minimum of 800 pixels on each side but not more than 2400 pixels on each side. Do not increase the size of small images by simply making the file larger. Do not send watermarked files. The Whistle Stop Gallery will need to review the digital file before final acceptance.


Check out the Project Directory. Current Projects include “Quoted” and “1938”.


The Whistle Stop Gallery will be accepting various types of Proposals. You'll be able to see what's available right here.

General Rules and Instructions - last updated September 29, 2016


You may only submit your OWN work. Any family friendly subject is acceptable. No nude, suggestive, or erotic art will be considered, accepted, and displayed – NO EXCEPTIONS. You agree the information you provide to the Whistle Stop Gallery is accurate and truthful. By sending an artwork (or a copy, or photo, or file, or other representation of one), you agree you will follow all the rules and directions here, on other documents from the Whistle Stop Gallery, and on the Whistle Stop Gallery website ( The Whistle Stop Gallery will decide if you have followed followed all of the rules and instructions. If not, your submission(s) will not be included, and will not be eligible for awards. Fees will NOT be refunded if your work is rejected for failing to follow the rules and instructions.

Ownership of Artwork

You must be able to grant the Whistle Stop Gallery and Joseph A. Langley the non-exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide, perpetual rights we need - see the 'WE NEED TO BE ABLE TO' section in the specific rules and instructions documents and the 'WE ALWAYS NEED TO BE ABLE TO' section in this document. When you submit a work, you're providing us with the necessary rights to that work. If there is an artwork ownership dispute, or copyright dispute, or rights dispute, you agree the Whistle Stop Gallery has the authority to make a final decision on the matter only for the purposes of your submission itself. Please be aware – selling an artwork does NOT automatically transfer the copyright to the purchaser. Licensing of artwork and prior rights agreements may affect the ability to submit that work to us.

We always need to be able to:

Who may enter

Anyone of the age of majority may enter. You are responsible for knowing if you are. In short, the Whistle Stop Gallery needs to know that you don't need a parent or guardian to sign documents and agree to terms for you. In the U.S.A., this is usually between age 18 and 21, depending on your home state. You must also be able to communicate in English. The Whistle Stop Gallery does not currently employ translators.

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